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Think where you were ten years ago. 

Now think really hard of the technology that was around: what you were using, what you took for granted and what you loved.

Maybe I can help: HDTV, DVR's, iPods, Skype, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, Blogging and something called Facebook.

And now let's come back to the present. Some of these things have become the fabric of our every day lives, no longer a novelty, but a way of life.

And so what lies ahead? What fads will turn into a trend that turns into a tidal wave that launches us toward the future?

We might have some answers. We believe these four trends will soon become a big part of our lives: virtual reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robotic prosthetics. Let's find out why.

  • Oculus Rift has finally made its official launch into our homes. With its acceptance, other functions of VR will soon follow, such as education and training courses along with unreal simulations of exotic places all around the world. Or experience first hand of what it was like to live in the Stone Age. Or outer space. The options are endless and all experienced from your own home.
  • 3D printing technology advances have made them affordable and more efficient. Therefore, more people will be using them and empowering themselves to make whatever they want, limited only by their imaginations. It could change the way we do business if we're able to make the products we once bought.
  • With major players like Google investing tons of money into Artificial Intelligence, it's only a matter of time when their developments will make our world more efficient and much more dependent on their technologies. It's intimidating because we're not sure what to expect exactly, but automation of ordinary tasks should soon become the norm, a major disruption for the job market and the economy.
  • Robotic prosthetics are already helping thousands of amputees, removing the stigma of being handicapped and turning what was once considered a disability into a strength. From athletes to soldiers, they have parts that make them tireless and stronger than the ordinary person, an advantage that could be available for most anyone in need or simply wants an upgrade.

While this can be considered speculation, what cannot be denied is the raw data that shows a significant increase in the use of robotics. It's set to skyrocket starting around 2020 with consumer robotics leading the way, easily outpacing industrial, military and commercial use.

In fact, Tractica released a study that 6.5 million robots (household and toy) were sold in 2015. By 2020, those numbers expect to explode in the range of 30 million with the majority being household robots for personal assistance. In other words, what's a $28 billion business today should surpass $150 billion by 2020.

So we can guess at what trends may change our lives, but what we do know is the robots are coming. They're coming to simplify our lives and make them easier.

Expect menial and repetitive tasks to be taken care of for us. Our safety concerns put to rest with accurate robotic surveillance. Our grandparents health care needs monitored, helping them out of bed and reminding them to take their medication. 

And so, what will we find when we look back after another ten years? It's truly mind blowing considering the endless possibilities...because the possibilities are endless. 

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