Robot Lawn Mowers | Learn How They Work For You

A robotic lawn mower is the modern day replacement for the more traditional manual mower, ride-on mowers and tractors. Operating quietly and autonomously, robotic mowers are designed to save you both time and money, leaving you free to enjoy other activities with family and friends.

Today’s robotic mowers are increasingly sophisticated. Self-docking and with their own working schedule, they require minimum human interaction and can even be programmed from the convenience of your smartphone!

The set up does require some work however. In order for a robot mower to operate in your lawn, a perimeter wire must be installed around the entire lawn, and around protected areas within the lawn area. Proper installation of the perimeter wire is critical for the quality and reliability of mowing. You can either do the installation yourself, or hire a professional installation service (recommended). After having completed the installation of the perimeter wire, you should test it. Overall, be patient, but it is a one time set up for your yard and then you're all set!

Fun fact: Robotic mowers rank as the second largest category of domestic robots in the home today!

Feel free to browse our collection of robot lawn mowers and please let us know if you have any questions or give us a call at 800 835 9705.

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