The Rise of Robotics and What It Means For Us

Everywhere we look there are signs that the robotics field is going through major growth. The media is beginning to cover robotics, and some companies that once wanted nothing to do with it are now buying smaller robotics companies.

Many countries that were traditionally not known for their robotics engineering are beginning to show themselves as major players in the field because costs are rapidly falling, which also lets new companies to research and develop new technology as well.

All of these signs are pointing towards the fact that robotics will soon be influencing our lives in a big way.

The following six points are the biggest trends and what it means for us.

Commercial Investments

The commercial sector has started to throw its support behind the robotics industry by making some large investments in robotics. Google has purchased several companies, Amazon recently purchased Kiva Systems and turned it into Amazon Robotics. Only a few weeks ago Toyota announced that it was looking into AI and also robotics. Several successful venture capitalists are even pushing towards robotics, a field that they don’t usually show much interest in. The more these large companies invest, the quicker the robotics field will develop new technology and help expand growth throughout the sector.

New International Players

Once advances in robotics were seen from traditional countries such as the United States, Japan, United Arab Emirates and some European countries. Now we see some real inroads by countries like South Korea and China. A team from South Korea recently won the DARPA Robotics Challenge and China is leading the way in drone production and advancement. The more global players involved in any technology, the more it advances and the better off the entire industry will be.

Cheaper Hardware Costs

The cost of many robotics such as mobile robotic platforms, articulated manipulators for use in the industrial section is getting more affordable every year. This is leading towards the further deployment of drones or robots in areas where they were traditionally seen as too expensive. One industry that is expected to take advantage of this is the agricultural industry by employing robots and drones in areas to advance productivity.

Civilians Embracing Drones

Drones are being used and embraced by the civilian market at a rapid pace and is only set to grow over the next few years. The one downside is that cyber security isn’t advancing as fast as the drone technology. Some recent examples of this were seen when smart technology inside vehicles was manipulated. Cyber security needs to face this robotics growth in the same fast pace if it wants to maintain community support.

Cloud Robotics

By taking advantage of using cloud storage for robotics, it frees them up to be able to process massive amounts of data that they couldn’t previously handle. The larger the amounts of data, the more processes that robots can complete, faster and easier. Similar to how we've embraced cloud data on our computers and smartphones, robotics is starting to explore and take advantage of this field as well.

Social Media Data

Now robotics is starting to take advantage of the enormous amounts of data available on social media. Robots mine the social media data, processing it at rates humans possibly couldn’t such as photos, videos, and maps. Robots can then use this information to learn new skills based on human behavior at much quicker rates than ever before. 

We can expect big things in the next few years regarding robotics. They will make our lives easier and some already have, such as robot vacuums, robot lawn mowers and robot pool cleaners. They've made the leap from the assembly line and into our homes and they're here to stay.

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