Automate Your Chores for More Free Time and a Happier Home Life

And after a long day of work, nothing is better than coming home.

You can finally relax and spend time with your loved ones or simply do nothing at all. We're all busy at work and home is where we go for it all to go away.

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But not anymore. Not today.

If you’re reading this, then you know there is a lot of work to do at home too. What was once a sanctuary for recovery and rest, has now become another job in itself.

Meal preparation, cleaning, yard work, home maintenance and child care consume considerable time for the typical American, especially when both spouses work.

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And most of the work at home isn’t fun. It can lead to stress and friction not only within ourselves, but also in our relationships. It takes away time from more pleasant, fun activities that increases our happiness.

And when we’re squeezed for time, that creates more serious problems: stress.

Time-related stress — having too little time to relax — can reduce feelings of well-being and increase depression. Stress doesn’t just affect our mood; it can also harm our health.

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It seems we can either make money, but lose time doing it or make time, but lose money getting it. It seems you can’t have both.

Or can you?

What if you spent your money on saving time?

Scholars at Harvard Business School tested whether buying timesaving services could improve relationships. Their study, surveying 3000 participants, revealed that those who spent more money on timesaving services were more satisfied with their relationships, in part because they spent more quality time with their partners and family.

So instead of bickering over who will do the vacuuming, would family home life be better if we simply automated the task?

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We think so. 

Taking back your time by putting household chores on auto pilot is a win win for everyone. It frees up everyone from tasks you'd rather not be doing: vacuuming, mopping, mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool. It also means less stress because there's less mess.

With today's tech advancements in robotics, robot vacuums, robot pool cleaners and robot lawn mowers give you convenient, reliable, scheduled cleanings, some even from your phone.

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More importantly, they give back time and energy for what matters most - you and your family.

Please call us with any questions on how we can give back your time with time saving, home cleaning robots today: 800 838 9705

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