Everything You Wanted to Know About Robomow Robot Lawn Mowers But Were Afraid to Ask

We've gotten a lot of questions and concerns regarding Robomow's robot lawn mowers. So we've compiled the best of the rest into this blog post.

Let's begin!

The most important consideration is the maximum mowing lawn size the mower is designed for. This ultimately determine's which Robomow will fit your lawn needs.

robomow rs630

Each Robomow is designed to mow a specific zone lawn size. Here's a handy conversion table we've compiled so you can quickly determine which mower can mow your lawn.

  • RX12 = .05 Acre = 2000 Sqr FT 
  • RC306 = 1/8 Acre = 5445 Sqr FT 
  • RS612 = 1/4 Acre = 10890 Sqr FT
  • RS622 = 1/2 Acre = 21780 Sqr FT
  • RS630 = 3/4 Acre = 32670 Sqr FT

And if you're not sure what your lawn size is, use Robomow's handy lawn measurement tool to get an estimate. Measurements are in square meters, so convert it to square feet after you get the total. 

Please note, each max lawn size is for each zone of your lawn. Zones are sections of your yard, like zone 1 could be the back yard and zone 2 the front yard and so on. Their models have up to 7 zones for the RS line and 6 for the RC. After mowing a zone, the Robomow goes to the next zone and mows that. If it needs to recharge while mowing, it will locate the base station, recharge and finish the zone.


Here are the rest of the concerns shared with us:

  • Battery Life - The battery is maintenance free but has a limited lifetime of 2-4 years. Battery life is dependent on how long your mowing season  is and how many hours the Robomow is used. Cost depends on the model but generally around $300 - $600.
  • Wet Weather Mowing - It will not mow while raining because the sensor on top of the unit will shut it down. However, if it's not raining, but the grass is wet, it cannot detect wet grass and would have to be manually stopped. Overall, it will cut wet grass but not as good and won't cause any damage to the mower.
  • Wheels - The wheels are a sort of hybrid somewhere between rubber and plastic.
  • What's Inside - The Robomow comes with everything you need to get your mower set up and mowing: perimeter wire, pegs, base station, stakes, installation guide, etc. Also, if you have the wire already installed from a previous model, that same wire will work on the newer models. And we offer accessories for replacements or upgrades
  • How Often Does it Mow - It is designed for scheduled or manual mowings recommended at least 2 or 3 times a week. This will give your lawn an always freshly cut, carpet like appearance. 

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns below in the comments. Also, browse our Robot Lawn Mower Buyer Guide for more tips. Finally, check out Robomow's extensive support guides, How To's and FAQ's

Hope it helps and happy mowing! 

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