Robot Cleaner Christmas Shopping Guide

Another year has almost gone by.

Another year to reflect on and another holiday season to rejoice with family and friends.

Make this holiday season special not only for your children but also your parents and grandparents as well. Consider making their lives easier inside and outside the home with cleaning robots.

We recommended home robot vacuums for Christmas last year and we're recommending them again this year! There have been big improvements recently and the best has to be the Neato Botvac WiFi Enabled robot vacuum. Now your parents can have their home cleaned anywhere anytime from the touch of their phone. It also includes scheduling features and lets you know when it's done.

We also offer a variety of other robot vacuums for any size budget and need. Some specialize in floor cleaning while others can mop and vacuum. So no more lugging around the vacuum from room to room. Now they can relax on the sofa instead!

And while vacuuming can seem like a chore, it doesn't even compare to the labor involved with maintaining a pool. It can take the fun out of it with ongoing maintenance costs and labor cleaning commitments. 

Or you can solve those problems with a one-time purchase with a robot pool cleaner. We talked about all the major benefits of a robot pool cleaner before, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Save money by no longer needing to hire an ongoing cleaning service. You'll also save on your electric bill with its efficient energy consumption.
  • Regular cleanings will leave your pool cleaner and therefore less work on your end. It'll also prolong the life of your pool and its filter since the robot pool cleaner runs separately from it.
  • Compact and easy to store, robot pool cleaners are simple to maintain and anyone can learn how to use it.

We think the robot pool cleaner could benefit anyone with a pool, but it's especially beneficial for those that don't want to waste their time cleaning or possibly get hurt. 

Finally, lawn care for your folks can become a grueling weekly task during a long hot summer. But with robot lawn mowers, they can automate the task and watch their lawn get mowed while they relax in the shade instead. Easy to use, it requires little maintenance and can mow day or night because of its quiet motor.

We know some of this new technology can be overwhelming. So we've made Buyer Guides and FAQ pages to help you learn how these products work and how they make your cleaning chores a thing of the past.

You can also compare product specs side by side to get a quick snapshot of their features using our Comparison App. Or simply click on the Ask A Question button for any product specific questions.

And of course, feel free to call us (800 835 9705) or send us a message with any questions.

Until then, enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful holiday season, from our family to yours!

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