Robot Vacuums, Lawn Mowers and Pool Cleaners for Hotels

We mentioned before the benefits home robot vacuums can have for your business, but didn't mention a specific business where they can benefit you the most: hotels.

And this isn't a novel idea as Japan's Henn-Na Hotel has led the robotic revolution by becoming the first full-fledged robotic hotel in the world. They know time, energy and money are the most crucial factors of any business and robot vacuums can help you save on both.

Here's how:

  • Have a Neato WiFi Enabled Robot Vacuum in each room. Have it placed beneath the bed to keep it out of sight or in a discreet corner. After the guest checks out, the maid can initiate a remote cleaning from anywhere using the robot vacuum's phone app via a wireless connection. So if she's cleaning a different room, she can start the vacuuming in another room.
  • While it vacuums, the maid can clean the bathroom, set the bed and focus on specific areas. This will speed up the overall cleaning process as they clean in tandem. And the maid wouldn't have to waste energy vacuuming and lugging it from room to room, ultimately helping your staff to do their job faster and easier. The robot vacuum can clean on carpet and hard floors.
  • Conference rooms, exhibition halls and hallways can be scheduled for overnight cleanings. Its low noise level won't disturb guests. And its compact size makes it ideal for transporting between rooms if needed.
  • Overall, the one time purchase of vacuums will allow you to cut down on cleaning staff and their ongoing expenses. Rooms will be cleaned with more efficiency and speed, improvements any hotel can benefit from. And with rapidly improving technology and easily available parts and accessories, maintenance and costs will be minimal. 

But hotels have more than carpets and floors to be cleaned. Lawn care and pool maintenance are also common concerns and robots can solve those needs as well.

Robot lawn mowers can save you big money by reducing your lawn service costs. You would still need edge work and maintenance for gardens and islands, but the lawn would no longer be a concern. Like robot vacuums, robot lawn mowers can have scheduled cleanings overnight or during the day. And their low noise level wouldn't annoy the guests. 

And robot pool cleaners will give you the same cost benefits as well. They'll replace the ongoing fees of a pool cleaning service with a one time purchase. A standard robot pool cleaner for inground pools would be ideal for smaller pools, but a powerful robot pool cleaner is recommended for Olympic sized pools. 

Robot pool cleaners can also save you money by their energy efficient cleaning methods. They clean using their own filter, no longer straining the pool's filter, acting independently from it. So this not only prolongs the life of the pool's cleaning filter but reduces your overall energy consumption. 

The great thing about all these robot cleaners is they require little hands on attention once properly set up. It's plug and play so your staff can focus on more important things like your guests and you can focus on saving your hotel money.

Feel free to give us a call at 800 835 9705 or Contact Us with any questions or concerns or for a product demo. We offer competitive pricing for all bulk volume purchases.

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