Top Ten Reasons to get a Robot Pool Cleaner

Some cleaning robots may seem like a gimmick, but robot pool cleaners are actually too good to be true. They really do what they're supposed to and a whole lot more.

The biggest benefit is they clean the pool for you. For anyone that has cleaned a pool before, this headache can become more of a hassle than bargained for. Time and energy wasted on cleaning can now be spent swimming and pool time instead.

But there's more. 

Much more.

Check out the rest of the reasons why we love robot pool cleaners.

  • Energy Efficient - Robot pool cleaners consume very little voltage. Most use up to 70 watts and as little as 20 watts, similar to a regular light bulb. Some robot pool cleaners operate as low as 20 cents per day! Energy efficiency not only helps the environment but saves big on your wallet.
  • Save Money - As noted above, energy efficiency means a lower electric bill. Robot pool cleaners can also save you money over the long haul. Instead of paying for ongoing pool cleaning services because you only need to buy your robot pool cleaner once. Yes, they can be expensive at around $500, but you make your money back rather quickly. Hourly pool services start around $100 per hour or about $200 a month to maintain it on your own. And if you own a commercial or public pool, you will save even more.
  • Low Maintenance - Robot pool cleaners today are simply a matter of plug and play. Turn it on, drop it in the pool and let it go to work. Once finished cleaning, you only need to remove the vacuum's filter and empty out the water and debris. Robot pool cleaners have their own filtration system, separate from the pool's, so emptying and restoring the vacuum's filter is the only labor involved. Most cleaners have filter bags or cartridges located on top for quick and easy access.
    • Environmentally Safe - Robot pool cleaners don't release unsafe cleaning chemicals, gasses or generate a lot of heat. All it does is suck up debris at a very low energy consumption rate. It's a remarkably safe and efficient machine.
    • Saves Water - Robot pool cleaners have their own independent filtration system that runs separately from the pool's main filter. Therefore, the pool's filter is used less often to remove backwash, prolonging its life and saving you from wasting water. 
    • Superior Cleaning Technology - Robot pool cleaners is a superior cleaning method when compared to the pool's filter or cleaning it yourself. While a pool's circulation filter cleans well, it doesn't go after debris and physically remove it when it's stuck on the pool's walls or floating around. It can prevent algae build up, suck up bacteria and chemicals along with leaves, dust, twigs, and pollens by cleaning the bottom of the pool, the side walls, and water line. It's a proactive cleaning method that improves your pool's overall cleanliness while saving you the work doing it yourself.
    • Easy to Use - No assembly required is one of the best things anyone can hear when buying something like this. All you have to do is plug in the power chord and drop it in your pool. Some models have scheduling features and timed cleaning cycles. Others provide remote controls. Some labor is involved when removing the filter and emptying it out.
      • Convenient and Affordable - Small and compact with few loose parts and cables, it can easily be stored in a pool shed or your garage. Some come with caddies. They also come in a variety of price points that fit your budget and your pool needs from a typical price range from $200 to $1000
      • Less Pool Chemicals - You can reduce the amount of chlorine kept in your pool if you have a robot pool cleaner. Since the robot reduces debris and bacteria on a regular basis, your pool will be much cleaner than before and you can then reduce the amount of chlorine used in the pool. So no itchy, burning eyes, smelly skin or sore throats.
      • Extends Life of Pool Filter - A robot pool cleaner reduces the strain on your pool's filter because it no longer needs to work as hard. This will save your filter from wear and tear, but also reduces the frequency in which you need to replace the filter since it'll be collecting less debris.

      There you go, ten good reasons why a robot pool cleaner can make your pool living life a whole lot easier. 

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