Robot Lawn Mowers Coming to a Lawn Near You

Fun Fact: The average American spends about 70 hours per year on lawn care.

So what's a man to do when he loathes lawn maintenance? When he prefers a beer and the shade and the beach rather than the laborious, time-wasting work of mowing beneath the unforgiving sun?

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Robot Cleaner Christmas Shopping Guide

Another year has almost gone by.

Another year to reflect on and another holiday season to rejoice with family and friends.

Make this holiday season special not only for your children but also your parents and grandparents as well. Consider making their lives easier inside and outside the home with cleaning robots.

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Top Ten Reasons to get a Robot Pool Cleaner

Some cleaning robots may seem like a gimmick, but robot pool cleaners are actually too good to be true. They really do what they're supposed to and a whole lot more.

Time and energy wasted on cleaning can now be spent swimming and pool time instead. Learn about all its benefits now.

hayward aquabac 500


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Never Come Home to a Dirty Home with Robot Cleaners

If you have infants and toddlers, then you know it's inevitable for something to spill or break or need cleaning up. House cleaning is no longer a weekly event, but a daily chore.

And sometimes a grind when you finally get home after long day of work and the last thing you want to do is clean after Johnny.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

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Robot Vacuums, Lawn Mowers and Pool Cleaners for Hotels

We mentioned before the benefits home robot vacuums can have for your business, but didn't mention a specific business where they can benefit you the most: hotels. 

If you manage or own a hotel, then you already know how time consuming, labor and cost intensive a cleaning crew can be. Time and money are the most crucial factors of any business and robot vacuums can help you save on both.

Here's how:

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