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How to Clean Litter-Robot: A Step-By-Step Guide

Got yourself a Litter-Robot? If you're wondering how this self-cleaning litter box should be cleaned, our experts have outlined it in 7 steps you can complete in under 10 minutes!

After all, you have to clean your Litter-Robot regularly to keep it well-maintained, sanitary, and safe for your pet cats!

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Here's how to do it:

Materials Needed

  • Scrub brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Gentle soap
  • Hose or showerhead
  • Vacuum
  • Paper towel
  • Waste drawer liner
  • Clumping cat litter

 How to Clean Your Litter-Robot

Before getting started, make sure you've unplugged your Litter-Robot and prepared all the necessary materials!

cat in a litter robot

This will make the cleaning process safer and more efficient.

Step One: Empty the Waste Drawer

First, empty the waste drawer (if you haven't yet).

  • Simply push the empty button
  • Pull out the drawer
  • Remove the liner, tie it up, and throw it out!

 Must-read: Although you only have to deep-clean your Litter-Robot every few months or so, you ALWAYS have to empty the waste drawer and add litter whenever you're notified by the machine to do so.

The frequency depends on the number of cats you have, so just make sure to check regularly.

Step Two: Disassemble the Litter-Robot

Next, take apart the Litter-Robot. Remove the globe from the base (which houses all the electronics).

Make sure to separate the drawer and the globe from the base and the bonnet while you're cleaning—the latter two are extremely delicate, so they should never be submerged in water.

Step Three: Wash the Globe, Waste Drawer, and Carbon Filter

Wash the globe, the waste drawer, and the carbon filter with gentle soap and water.

Scrub the surfaces and any hard-to-reach areas inside the globe with a brush so that all the dirt and grime get out.

IF NECESSARY, use a vacuum to siphon away any litter granules stuck in these areas.

Although you can also clean the carbon filter with soap and water, we recommend replacing this every few months to effectively keep odors out.

Lastly, NEVER use bleach or any harmful chemicals while cleaning the unit. Bleach could cause metal corrosion, and it could also damage the plastic of the globe!

Step Four: Clean the Rubber Mat

After you hose down the unit, don't forget to clean the step mat too!

cat lying down beside a litter robot

Over time, this could collect a lot of dirt left behind by your cats, dogs, and other pets, so just make sure you attend to it as much as you do the unit's globe, base, and bonnet.

Step Five: Wipe Down the Litter-Robot

The Litter-Robot's base contains electronics, so you can't submerge it in your tub or sink like the other ones.

Instead, use a clean cloth or a damp paper towel with mild soap to wipe the base and bonnet clean.

Step Six: Reassemble the Litter-Robot

After all the parts have air-dried, you can now reassemble your Litter-Robot!

Clip a new waste drawer to the tray before sliding it in. Then, return the globe and the bonnet to the base.

Step Seven: Add a Fresh Batch of Clumping Litter

All that's left to do is to add new clumping cat litter to your Litter-Robot. Your cat now has a squeaky-clean litter box!

Remember, when adding litter, DO NOT exceed the maximum fill line indicated on the rubber liner, or else the Litter-Robot will not be able to filter waste properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Do I Have to Clean My Litter-Robot?

If you have only one cat, you can empty your waste drawer once a week, wipe down the Little-Robot once a month, and deep-clean it every few months.

However, if you have more kittens, we recommend removing the waste a couple of times a week and cleaning more frequently.

How Do I Keep My Litter-Robot From Smelling?

To keep your Litter-Robot odor-free, you should clean the unit and empty the waste drawer regularly. You should also invest in replacement carbon filters to keep the interiors smelling fresh all year round.

Now, if the odors are extremely unpleasant, there might be a different cause. Consult a vet to see if your cat needs any additional pet care products for health and hygiene purposes [1].


With a Litter-Robot to eliminate the need for scooping cat waste, doesn't taking care of a cat seem easier than tending to dogs?

We sure hoped our tips and tricks helped you make the most out of this nifty little machine—remember, if you clean and maintain it well, it'll last you (and your cat) a long, LONG time!

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