AquaGenesis RoboSnail RSV1A 10 mm Automatic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

AquaGenesis RoboSnail RSV1A 10 mm Automatic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

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RSV1A 10 mm Automatic Aquarium Glass Cleaner by AquaGenesis RoboSnail

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Product Details

The RoboSnail Automatic Aquarium Glass Cleaner is an automated glass cleaner that prevents algae build-up on the surface of the aquarium. This is accomplished by RoboSnail's unique ability to clean the aquarium's surface once a day without user intervention. The constant preventative cleaning performed by the RoboSnail stops algae from taking hold of the aquarium surface. At first, it is almost invisible. But as it builds upon the aquarium surface over time, it progressively becomes more difficult to remove. Long periods of neglect result in stubborn coralline algae, as found in marine tanks, or a hazy, unsightly build-up that can be found in all aquariums. Since more effort is needed to remove it, the result can be a scratching of the aquarium surface.

The user first has an initial preparation of the glass surface, a simple program mode to complete and it's ready to go. The RoboSnail can sense the aquarium top, left, and right edges to calculate the appropriate cleaning pattern to match the user's aquarium preprogrammed parameters. The edge locations and respective distances are then stored in its internal memory for future cleanings. Once finished, it returns to the home base location for charging where it remains until the next cleaning cycle.

Robot Glass Cleaner Features

  • Works on standard glass aquariums of 55 US gallons up to 150 US gallon aquariums or 208 liters up to 500 liters when constructed with a glass of 6mm -10mm or .25 inches - .39 inches.
  • The battery lasts over 30 minutes and the RoboSnail automatically returns to its charging station when necessary.
  • The AquaGenesis RoboSnail is the only automated aquarium glass cleaner in the world.
  • Robot Aquarium Cleaner prevents algae build-up
  • Cleaning patterns stored in memory for future cleanings
  • Auto cleans once a day 24 hrs after its last cleaning.


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