This Black Friday, Come Home to a Clean Home

when your Family and friends leave after turkey day, guess who's stuck cleaning up after them?

not you. Your robot vacuum!

When you’re too busy, too tired or have pets that shed, Guess Who's Always Happy To help?

Yep, your robot vacuum.

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Did you Know robot vacuums cost as much as a manually operated vacuum?
So Why Not automate your vacuuming rather than doing it yourself!
Plus get All these Great Benefits below.

WIFI enabled for anytime, anywhere cleaning from your smartphone

Schedule accurate, perfect cleanings every time.

Get spotless floors and lush clean carpets with its powerful suction power

Designed for busy lives, parents, pet owners, travelers and retirees

And don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say:

“It's very methodical and picks up at least 95% of pet hair (and other dirt). This will easily save 100+ hours of work per year and the house is much cleaner.”


“Picks up way more dirt than I expected and learned the layout of the house quickly. Having a robot vacuum is an excellent way to keep my house floors clean. Easy to set up and use. Cleans under and around furniture with ease.” 


“Neither of us can believe how well it cleans. The WiFi has been terrific and its status updates are helpful. Love how we can schedule cleanings from our phone. Overall, I vacuum much less than before and wish we got it sooner!” 




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