Robot Lawn Mowers Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Robot Lawn Mower?

Robot lawn mowers have rapidly advanced in the robotics area, providing much more productive options that take care of your lawn in a breeze. They are becoming more intelligent and more affordable than ever before. Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase a robot lawn mower.

  • Efficiency

There are many different ways that you can spend your time instead of mowing lawns. And you won’t have to pay someone to do it every week. The robotic lawnmower features several lightweight and durable blades, similar to a conventional mower for a professional cut. It will mow without any monitoring, a complete hands off experience, charging itself when needed. Once finished, there is no need to go back to clean up cut grass because it cuts it at a fine short length. Finally, by knowing where to mow, you have the peace of mind that your entire lawn is taken care of with no missed areas.

  • Ease of Use

The initial set up does take time and patience. You have to install the perimeter wire to mark the area where you want the mower to mow within the wire and not outside of it. This prevents it from mowing on the driveway, the street, your neighbor's lawn or small islands or trees in your lawn. The wire must be set and buried in your lawn. You can either do this yourself or have a professional service do it for you.

After the set up, it's automatic from there. Schedule mows and never worry about it again. There's no gas to worry about or ongoing maintenance. When finished, it'll return to the charging station on its own, locked securely with its PIN code.

  • Time Saving and Cost Efficient

Your robot lawn mower is autonomous and can be programmed to cut your grass when you want it to, allowing you more free time to do the things you enjoy. You could pay someone to do your lawns, but a robotic lawn mower is a much better investment, that will soon pay for itself. And because it mows almost daily, you will always have a freshly cut lawn every day instead every few weeks waiting for your grass to grow.

  • Compact Design

Robot lawn mowers are much smaller than a conventional lawn mower and will take up a lot less space around your property. The average size of a robotic lawn mower is Mower size: 25''(L) x 18''(W) x 8.3''(H) and they weight anywhere from 10lbs - 20lbs depending on the model. The mower blades are recessed well inside the unit to prevent any accidents, and they feature a wide variety of different sensors and bumpers to prevent them colliding with or running over objects.

  • Intelligent Technology

Robotic lawn mowers use smart programming and a wide variety of sensors to ensure that your lawns are cut to the height you desire. Some models also feature weather sensors so they will never mow in the rain. They also can mow at different slopes and curves for an even cut every time. And the convenience of scheduled mowings makes the entire process hands off. They include a wide variety of different accessories such as docking stations, perimeter wire, pegs and extra blades.

What Do Robot Lawn Mowers Look Like?

Most robotic lawn mowers are oval in shape and feature several main drive wheels or tracks at the rear of the unit. They feature several bumpers and sensors to ensure the best cutting of the grass around your yard.

On the top part of the robotic lawn mower, you will find the control panel. Some have one or two buttons and many others even have an LCD screen.

On the front of the robotic lawn mower is a bumper that will serve as a sensor for obstacles found around your yards such as furniture, plants or pets. Some models have a laser or camera to help them map the yard and prevent them cutting plants or bumping into objects.

Most models are also equipped with one or two main blades, which are made of high-quality stainless steel, are lightweight and easy to replace.

You will notice your robotic lawn mower is equipped with a wide variety of sensors that provide your helper with intelligence. These sensors are used to detect obstacles.

How Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

Unlike a conventional lawn mower, your robotic lawn mower works off a boundary wire or barrier which is buried under the ground. This cable should be placed as close to the edge of your lawn as possible to ensure that your robot lawn mower cuts right up to the edge. This cable can be buried if you want, but in most cases all you need to do is staple it into the ground and allow the lawn to grow over the top of it.

When your robotic lawn mower is running low on charge, it may return to its docking station to recharge and recommence cutting where it left off, depending on the model chosen.

When it has finished cutting, the robot lawn mower will settle on its docking station and will flash or beeps to inform you that it is done cutting.

How do Robot Lawn Mowers Travel and What Technology Is Used?

Most robot lawn mowers navigate around your yard using an integrated technology providing them with 4 or 5 cutting modes. They may seem random, but they are far from it. They perform crisscross patterns, spirals and follow barriers in order to cut your grass fully. With their integrated touch and distance sensors, they are able to navigate around obstacles and even pets. They are intelligent in their own way by cutting most areas several times.

What Are Their Benefits?

All robotic lawn mowers are equipped with a wide range of different sensors that ensure that they work at maximum efficiency and safety for you and your family.


  • Docks and recharges: Robotic lawn mowers will dock and recharge as required. 
  • Blades: Most robot lawn mowers are equipped with 1-2 blades made from high-quality stainless steel that is strong, light and easy to change.
  • Sensors: Robot lawn mowers are equipped with sensors that detect cliffs and obstacles. This security allows you to let the robot work alone.
  • They will cut a wide variety of grass at different lengths, wet or dry.
  • Cuts on schedule or can be preset or programmed to cut on the day and time that you want it to cut.
  • Features remote control accessibility, docking access and unit accessibility.


  • Some units can operate in extreme weather conditions.
  • More advanced units can detect changes in weather and the growth rate of the grass and adjust their cutting cycle accordingly

What Does it Come With? Any Accessories?

All robot lawn mowers come with a wide variety of different attachments and accessories depending on the model that you purchase.

Some of these may include:

  • Perimeter Wire - 650 Feet
  • Pegs - 250 Counts
  • Wire Connectors
  • Plot Connectors
  • User Manual
  • DVD Setup and Operation Video
  • Base / Charging Station
  • Base Station Stakes
  • Power Supply Box
  • Power Box Mounting Kit
  • Narrow Pass Template
  • Lithium Battery


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