Robot Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

By purchasing a robot pool cleaner, you not only give yourself more time to enjoy your pool but also extend the life of your pool. Automated pool cleaning reduces algae build up, strain on the pool's filter and spares you the labor of cleaning it yourself.

And by following this simple buying guide, we can help you identify what you need to know to make the right decisions.


Automatic pool cleaners can range in prices from $300 to $2000. With this massive price range, the first step is to determine your budget. Higher end models tend to focus on in ground pools and start around $500. If that's what you have then you must consider models beginning at this price range. It seems daunting at first, but most cleaners pay back themselves after one summer vs the costs of an ongoing pool cleaning service and cleaning it yourself.

Above ground cleaners tend to be lower priced since they're designed to clean smaller pool areas, one specific surface type with less cleaning run times. 

Type and Size of Pool

Robot pool cleaners are designed for either above or in ground pools. Some can clean both types, but the options are limited in that category. It's best to have a cleaner specifically designed to clean one type of pool style so it gives you the best performance when cleaning.

And they clean up to a certain size of pool. All robot cleaners will list the recommended size and depth they best clean at. Make sure it matches with your pool dimensions so it can clean in one cleaning cycle.

Cleaning Features

They clean with heavy duty brushes for scrubbing and powerful vacuums to suck up debris. Always check it has both features as no robot cleaner can clean well without them. Most high priced models should be able to clean from the floors, walls and up to the water line. Some but not all can clean stairs and corners so that's not an expected feature. 

Wheels or Treads

Not a major concern, but something to note. Both will models will grip your pool effectively, but if you have high drain covers at the bottom of your pool, then a tread model pool cleaner could get stuck on top of it without. A robotic pool cleaner with wheels will crawl right over it. 

Top Access Removal

Most cleaners should allow for easy and quick removal of water build up during cleaning. Top access lids and filter removal let the water empty quickly so you don't have to drag it out from the water when it gets filled. This is an expected convenience so make sure it has it.

And make sure the filter bag is re-usable along with a big enough size that doesn't require multiple removals of the debris that's collected. Newer models don't use bags, but simply have a filter you can remove from the top and clean out while dumping out the water from it.

Programming and Scheduling

Look for programming and scheduling features with a robot pool cleaner. Programming options let you decide where or how long it should clean and scheduling offers the convenience of cleaning when you're not home or have other things to do. While programming has now become an expected feature, scheduling has yet to become a standard, so don't expect it to be on all models. 

Also, some models come with a remote control for more control of where and how you clean your pool. 

Power Chord Tangling

A majority of pool cleaners have a power chord that attaches to the robot while it cleans. This powers the cleaner and helps it become energy efficient, but could lead to cable tangling while cleaning. Most cleaners have this issue resolved with a swivel designed to prevent the tangling, but be sure to check. Having to untangle the chord after each cleaning defeats the purpose of automating your pool cleaning and an unnecessary headache.

Self Contained Filtration

Some cleaners have self contained filtration systems which means it removes the strain on your pool's filtration because it bypasses it when cleaning. This not only saves on energy costs for your robot, but saves on wear and tear on the pool's system as well. This is one of the major benefits of having a robot pool cleaner.


It is important when choosing your robotic pool cleaner that you confirm customer support is offered with the model. Some models offer little to no support while others offer comprehensive support with a manufacturer's warranty. As an authorized dealer, all of our robot pool cleaners have the manufacturers support so you get the complete support you deserve. We can help you set up your cleaner and provide help after you've made your purchase.

Replacement Parts

After a few years of cleaning your pool, expect your robot to need replacement parts. So be sure the brand you decide on is a trusted brand with excellent customer support and extensive spare parts to keep your robot running. Brushes, filters, bags and power chords are some of the items that take on heavy wear and tear and should be expected to be replaced.

The main point of purchasing a robot pool cleaner is to make your life easier by spending more time in the pool with your family and friends and less time cleaning it. We hope this guide helped and if you have any further questions, feel free to send a message on our Contact Us page or email us at info@robotcleanerstore.com.



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