Robot Window Cleaner Buying Guide

If your home or office has high windows, hard to reach windows or many windows, then consider the benefits of a robot window cleaner. Not only will the cleaner spare you from the labor of cleaning, but keep you safe from high and dangerous window locations.

And our buying guide will help you determine which is the right robot window cleaner for your home or office.

Glass Surface

Some robot window cleaners cannot clean on rough or uneven glass surfaces, such as frosted, textured, patterned, leaded, filmed or coated, because the uneven surface prevents it from creating a secure vacuum seal. Window cleaners generally use powerful suction to stay on the glass and any opening within the glass could cause it to fall.

Window Shape

Small, circular or unusually designed windows are not ideal for cleaning. Large, square windows are best suited for the patterns that window cleaners clean with.

Framed or Unframed Windows

If you have framed or unframed windows or both, make sure to check the robot window cleaner can clean it. Some robots can only clean a specific type based on its sensors so make sure it specifically states which is best suited for it.

Window Thickness

Most robot window cleaners have a specific range of glass thickness they can clean. So get an estimate of what your window's thickness is and match it with the cleaner. Otherwise, the cleaner could generate too much pressure or not enough. Some newer models can now clean any type of thickness as well.

Power Chord Length

Power chords are connected to the robot window cleaner so it must have enough length to suit your window cleaning needs. Most come with at a least 20 ft of cable along with an extension chord. Be sure to check if you may need something longer.

Scheduled Cleanings and Remote

Most cleaners allow you to schedule a cleaning but because these devices are working on your windows it can be dangerous. It is best to be present while it cleans or at home. And it should come with a remote control so you can clean exactly where it needs cleaning or if you want to guide it.


It is important that when you purchase your robotic window cleaner, you are aware of what type of support is offered with the product. Does it come with a warranty? Is there online support? With Robot Cleaner Store, you have nothing to worry about because we're an authorized dealer for all our products and therefore have full customer support available for you.

Spare Parts

You will need to replace cleaning pads and other spare parts from time to time. It is important that you choose a model that has the available or there are generic parts that will suit it. And most come with a specific cleaning solution for its brand so be sure that's available as well.

We hope you found this helpful and if you have any further questions, feel free to send a message on our Contact Us page or email us at info@robotcleanerstore.com.



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