bObsweep Pet Hair Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop | Champagne

bObsweep Pet Hair Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop | Champagne

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Product Overview

• bObsweep Pet Hair Vacuums, Sweeps, Mops, UV Sterilize & Purifies Air
• Specifically Designed for Pets that Shed like Cats or Dogs
• Low Track Contouring Matches All Surface Levels
• 1000 ML Dustbin - the Biggest in the Industry 
• Remote Control Allows Mode and Movement Control

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Product Details

The bObsweep Pet Hair robot vacuum is an elegant solution for the part of pet ownership we all like the least: the clean-up! Adopt a robotic pet who can sweep, vacuum, and mop without any training. Bob's sleek, practical design makes him a handsome and helpful cleaning companion. 

Its powerful brushes and suction removes all the pet hair from your rugs and floors. It'll almost be like you never had a pet to begin with. And if anyone in your household has allergies to pet hair, this will be the ultimate solution. Besides vacuuming, this robot can also mop and sweep, sterilizing and purifying the air as it does so.


Pet Friendly

Lifts and traps fur, cleans paw prints, avoids running into pets, quiet and pet friendly.


• A whopping 7500 RPM TurboLift Motor pulls dust, dirt, debris, and hair from the deepest reaches of all carpet types.


• Bob combines the power of a rotating, full-contact brush with a squeegee-style dust sweeper to clear a path through dust and hair.


• Clip on Bob's micro-fiber cloth and he will sweep and polish your floors simultaneously, surpassing the limits of a standard vacuum cleaner.

Lithium X-Amplified Battery (2 Yr Warranty)

• Thanks to his high-capacity, quad cell lithium-ion battery, Bob works for over 1 hour and 15 minutes on a single charge.

Low Track Contouring

• A Spring-Actuated Surface Automator adjusts Bob to match the level of any surface for maximum, continuous floor contact.

Three Cleaning Modes

• Robot / Auto Pilot: automatically maneuvers across all surfaces for a thorough clean; docks to charging station when battery falls below 15%.

• Quick Clean: automatically maneuvers across a medium-sized area for a quick and efficient clean; goes on standby mode after 30 minutes.

• Touch Up: automatically maneuvers across a small area for a speedy touch up; goes on standby mode after 15 minutes.

In The Box

• 1 Charging Station and Charging Adapter (110V/240V compatible).

• 2 Mop Attachment and Micro-Fiber Mopping Cloths

• 2 Side Brushes 

• 1 Additional Blue Main Brush

• 2 Additional HEPA Filters

• 1 Blindfold and Bumper Stickers

• 1 Cleaning Tool

• 1 User Guide, Owner's Manual and Warranty Card

Product Dimensions (Inches): 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.9

Product Weight: 13 LBS

Product Video


Why Buy From Us?


Robot Vacuums - BObsweep Pet Hair Robot Vacuum Cleaner And Mop | Champagne

bObsweep Pet Hair Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop | Champagne

Save $384.00 (57%) $285.00

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Does it work with cat fur, too? Everyone who mentions the fur issue seems to be talking about dogs.

    Yes, this will pick up and clean any type of pet hair without issue, thanks.

  • What is the difference between the bobsweep pethair and bobsweep standard?

    The Pet Hair version has a special filter and a larger vacuum collection bin.

  • How long does it clean on a single charge? I had another brand and after 15 min it would stop.

    It will clean for about 1 hr or 1 1/2 hrs. And when it does get low on its charge, it will automatically seek out the charging station to recharge.

  • Will it work on a shag carpet?

    It can clean on a shag carpet, but it's not recommended due to tangling issues if it's thick and deep. It cleans best on regular and thin carpets. 

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