CatGenie A.I. 19" White Self-Washing Cat Litter Box

CatGenie A.I. 19" White Self-Washing Cat Litter Box

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Product Details

A.I. 19" White Self-Washing Cat Litter Box  by CatGenie

CatGenie A.I. will change lives with your cat forever. It is easier, safer, cleaner, more eco-friendly, and smarter than any other cat box on earth!

With CatGenie you can say goodbye to dirty, inconvenient, wasteful cat litter forever! Instead, CatGenie uses reusable, always-clean Washable Granules that satisfy your cat's need to dig and cover, but never needs to be cleaned! Just add Granules whenever the level gets low. That's it!

The CatGenie cleans after each time your cat uses it. First, it scoops all solids as liquids drain through the non-absorbent Granules. Then it cleans the Granules and bowls with water and vet-approved SaniSolution. It flushes all waste and water out of your home for good via your toilet or laundry drain line. Finally, its hot air dries itself leaving a clean and dry box, ready for your cat to use again!

Our latest model, the CatGenie A.I. adds “machine learning” artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology to the CatGenie. CatGenie A.I. monitors your cats’ bathroom behavior, keeps an eye on how your CatGenie is running and lets you know when supplies are running low. This data is analyzed by the CatGenie A.I. and displayed in the CatGenie App in order to help your unit clean more efficiently, monitor your cat’s health and wellness, as well as create a cleaning schedule customized to suit you and your cat’s usage.

CatGenie A.I. is truly the future of cat care. Ditch the litter for good and bring your cat box into the 21st century today!

Litter Box Features

  • Includes 1 CatGenie A.I. Unit, 1 Box Washable Granules, 1 SaniSolution Cartridge
  • Eliminates cat litter from your life. Uses letter-like, Washable Granules that never need changing.
  • Washes clean with Veterinarian-approved SaniSolution and water after every cat visit.
  • Your cat will always find a box that is not only clump-free, it’s waste, dust, and odor-free.
  • Includes 2-Year Warranty. Customer Support Available 7 Days Per Week.

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CatGenie Specifications

One-time, simple hook up to cold water, a laundry drainpipe or toilet, electric, and Wi-Fi (for the CatGenie App.)

CatGenie A.I. is 19.25" wide in front, 17.5" wide top, 21" high, 24.5" deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8' long, Drain Hose 10' long.

Weight, Assembled:
 25 lbs.

 Base: Pearl Gray, Top: Porcelain White.

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