Ecovacs DEEBOT D45 Robot Bare Floor Cleaner

From Ecovacs SKU: D-S272

Ecovacs DEEBOT D45 Robot Bare Floor Cleaner

From Ecovacs SKU: D-S272
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Product Overview

• DEEBOT Robotic Floor Cleaner Self Schedules & Self Charges.
• Small Size Offers Big Cleaning Power.
• Low Profile (2.5 inches tall) Clears Most Furniture.
• Smart Anti Collision Technology.
• Clean Modes - Auto, Edge and Spot.

30 Day no Risk Guarantee
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Product Details

An affordable, entry level robot vacuum, the DEEBOT D45 can fulfill three jobs so you won't have to worry about cleaning your floors: it will sweep, vacuum and mop. The Deebot D45 is equipped with 2 side brushes and a full-size washable and reusable mop.

Because the Deebot D45 does not have a front brush, hairs and dust will not wrap around the front brush but will be directly removed and kept in the dust bin. The long lateral brushes measure 0.4 inches, perfect to remove dust and dirt that accumulate in corners or edges of your furniture.

Thanks to its ultra thin profile, the Deebot D45 can easily access the floors under your furniture. Beds, tables or any other type of furniture, the Deebot D45 is afraid of nothing! 


Eliminate Tangles

• Direct Suction vacuuming doesn't require a Main Agitator Brush, so hair tangling around the brush doesn't happen, which makes this robot perfect for households with pets.

Auto Schedule and Self Charge

• You can leave the house and make sure the Deebot D45 will get the job done while you are gone by scheduling it cleaning times. If the battery is low or once the robot is done cleaning, the Ecovacs Deebot D45 will automatically return to its charging station.

Mop Feature

• You can use Deebot D45 to mop your floor. Thanks to its Extra Large Mop, the Deebot will get the job done in no time! You can moisten the mop with the cleaning solution you usually use and water. The mopping function will finalize the cleaning while the robot is vacuuming.

Stair Safety

• D45 is specially equipped with sensors on its underbody that enable it to constantly interpret its terrain. This gives D45 the intelligence to clean up to and around stairs, or any drop-off greater than 3 inches without the risk of falling.

In The Box

• 1 Charging Dock

• 4 Sweeping Side Brushes

• 1 Dustbin with Replaceable Filter

• 1 High Efficiency Filter

• 1 User Guide

Product Dimensions (Inches): 10.5 x 10.5 x 3.1

Product Weight: 8.5 LBS


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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Does it come with a remote control and a water tank for mopping?

    Yes, a remote control is included with the D45 robot vacuum and there is no no water tank for mopping. Thank you.

  • How does the mop function work?

    It is a plate that attaches and a microfiber cloth that you can wet. Will pick up any dust left on the floor, but does not scrub it clean. Picture running a damp cloth over a shelf you just dusted with a feather duster.

  • Does this return to its charging station on its own?

    It will if it is not too far away and no obstructions. Or you can pause it and head it in the correct direction.

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