Ecovacs DEEBOT D77 Self Emptying Bare Floor Robot Cleaner

From Ecovacs SKU: D77

Ecovacs DEEBOT D77 Self Emptying Bare Floor Robot Cleaner

From Ecovacs SKU: D77
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Product Overview

• Ecovacs D77 Robotic Floor Cleaner Empties its Own Dustbin 
• Cleans Anywhere with Removable Handheld Vac 
• Dual Sweeper Side Brushes Double Cleans
• 4 Cleaning Modes and Agitator Brush

30 Day no Risk Guarantee
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Product Details

DEEBOT D77 is a self emptying bare floor vacuuming robot that automatically empties its dustbin at the end of each cleaning so you won't have to. Its cleaning system also includes a removable canister vacuum and attachments that clean areas above floor level and outside of the home.


Self Emptying Robot Cleaner

It's the world's first self-emptying robot and continues to lead the industry with robots that automatically empty themselves rather than having a human do it after every cleaning. This dramatically increases the length of time that D77 can clean without human intervention€“ and gives its owner unprecedented freedom from routine floor cleaning.

High Efficiency Filtration

• D77 removes airborne particles that are drawn into its High Efficiency Particulate Filter while it cleans. As it vacuums, it picks up dirt, dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, lint, hair and more while purifying the air and reducing important factors associated with allergies and asthma.

2 In 1 Cleaning System

• The charging station features an integrated handheld canister vacuum with the suction power of Supersonic Cyclonic Technology. The handheld canister is removable with the touch of a single button and allows its owner to clean where no robot can€“ such as above the floor and in the car. D77 takes robotic cleaning to new heights with 7 accessories included.

Smart Power Management

• As D77 finishes cleaning or its power begins to run low, it returns to its charging station to re-energize. Once full power is restored, the charging station reduces its power consumption in order to save on electricity costs and prolong the life of the robot's battery.

Soft Touch Object Detection

• It detects when an object is touched and then adjusts its path to navigate around it. The leading side of D77 has a floating bumper system surrounded by an energy absorbing non-scratch cushion that protects walls, furniture and other household items.

Touch Panel Programming | Remote Control

• Begin cleaning with the push of a button on the robot's LCD panel, or its remote control, or by scheduling it to clean automatically at a certain time every day of the week.

In The Box

• 1 Charging Dock with Canister Dock

• 1 Agitator Brush

• 4 Sweeping Side Brushes

• 1 Main Brush Cleaning Tool 

• 1 3D Portable Canister Vacuum and Case

• 7 3D Vacuum Accessories

• 1 Bagless Dustbin with Replaceable Filter

• 1 Remote Control and Batteries

• 1 User Guide

Product Dimensions (Inches): 13 x 13 x 3.8

Product Weight: 6 LBS

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