Ecovacs WINBOT 950 Robot Window Cleaner

Ecovacs WINBOT 950 Robot Window Cleaner

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Product Overview

• Get clean, spotless windows every day with powerful, deep cleanings.
• Perfect for homes with dangerous, hard to reach windows.
• Cleans frameless windows, sliding glass doors, shower stalls, glass railings, and more.
• Safety Pod and Tether allows cleaning of high rise windows with 16ft extension chord.
• Safety first with powerful suction, battery backup and a safety pod and tether.

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Product Details

Thanks to its innovative technology, WINBOT 950 cleans framed or frameless windows inside or outside. It can also clean on sliding glass doors, shower stalls, glass railings and much more.deliver spotless windows with the touch of a button. 

It gives you spotless windows with the touch of a button from its remote control. The high-tech suction fan and 4-Stage cleaning system quietly cleans while providing a safe performance. The proprietary Smart Drive Navigation system, sophisticated operating system and multiple sensors help WINBOT 950 detect obstacles for a fuss-free operation.

Award Winning Robotics with Smart Drive

• Allows the handle of WINBOT 950 to rotate 90 degrees, leaving the cleaning pad stationary. Thus, WINBOT 950 can move freely on the window, choosing the most efficient cleaning path. This greatly improves cleaning effectiveness and coverage.

Reach New Heights

• It removes the risk of cleaning tall or hard to reach windows. Simply place the WINBOT on the glass and press start on the robot or its remote control. WINBOT will automatically determine the size of the window, map the most efficient cleaning path, clean the window and return to where it began for easy removal. It also comes with an extension chord of 16ft to clean even higher.

Cleans Framed and Frameless Windows

• WINBOT 950 is specifically designed to automatically clean the inside or outside of any sized framed or unframed glass windows, mirrors, doors or similar surfaces. A 4-side wrap-around bumper is used to identify obstacles and window frames while edge detection sensors enable WINBOT to work on frameless windows.

Automatic Cleaning Path and Memory

• Before it starts cleaning, it scans the perimeter to detect the shape of the window and automatically adjusts its cleaning path, in order to clean the area in the most efficient way! The window cleaning robot will follow a Z-Shaped Cleaning Path for wide, horizontal windows and a N-Shaped Cleaning Path for tall, vertical windows. It can also be cleaned with a remote control that allows you to start, pause and manage the direction of the robot window cleaner.

4 Stage Cleaning Process

• WINBOT 950 has a unique 4-stage cleaning process: first, the front Cleaning Pad sprayed with cleaning solution moistens, loosens and absorbs dirt; second, a squeegee removes debris; third, another squeegee draws the remaining waterborne dirt from the glass; fourth, the rear Cleaning Pad wipes the window to a dry, spotless shine. Its powerful suction means a firmer wipe of the cleaning cloths, and thus a better clean for your windows.

Serious About Safety

• Every WINBOT features redundant levels of safety protection. Thanks to the 5m (16ft) extension cord and safety cable, WINBOT 950 can clean all but the largest of windows. Every WINBOT comes with a safety pod & tether that can be attached to the window and WINBOT, which is more than capable of preventing a fall if WINBOT detaches from the glass. And when WINBOT 950 needs to communicate, it uses both visual and audio warnings to get your attention.

Continuous Power

If WINBOT's main power supply is interrupted, the robot features an on-board back-up battery that takes over until the problem can be resolved.

Product Dimensions (Inches): 10.8 x 10.8 x 4.8 inches

Product Weight: 5 LBS

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Robot Window Cleaners - Ecovacs WINBOT 950 Robot Window Cleaner

Ecovacs WINBOT 950 Robot Window Cleaner

Save $70.00 (15%) $379.99

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