Ecovacs WINBOT W930 Robot Window Cleaner

From Ecovacs SKU: W930

Ecovacs WINBOT W930 Robot Window Cleaner

From Ecovacs SKU: W930
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Product Overview

• The WINBOT W930 window cleaning robot is the quietest robot in WINBOT series.
• Unique Size and SmartMove System
• Cleans Glass of Any Thickness and Type
• 4-Stage Cleaning System & Simple 3-Step Operation
• Extraordinary Safety Protection with User Friendly Design

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Product Details

WINBOT, the best selling line of window cleaning robots in the world, introduces W930 and its proprietary new SmartMove™ System of navigation and cleaning.

SmartMove™ separates robot navigation from robot cleaning. These independent systems enable W930 to provide a four-sided, four-stage, cleaning process in any direction the robot travels.

SmartMove also gives W930 32% greater micro-fiber cleaning surface area than any other WINBOT, yet is able to clean smaller panes of glass and reach deeper into framed or unframed corners.

Award Winning Robotics

• WINBOT is regularly recognized as an award winning line of robotics by leading domestic and international organizations and publications for its patented new technologies, innovations and designs.

Reach New Heights

• It removes the risk of cleaning tall or hard to reach windows. Simply place the WINBOT on the glass and press start on the robot or its remote control. WINBOT will automatically determine the size of the window, map the most efficient cleaning path, clean the window and return to where it began for easy removal.

Cleans Framed and Frameless Windows

• WINBOT W930 is specifically designed to automatically clean the inside or outside of any sized framed or unframed glass windows, mirrors, doors or similar surfaces.

SmartMove™ Navigation

• W930 features WINBOT's proprietary new SmartMove™ System that separates navigation from cleaning. This independent can travel in all directions (forward, backward and side-to-side) while the microfiber cleaning pad cleans in all directions.

4 Stage Cleaning Process

• WINBOT W930 has a unique 4-stage cleaning process: first, the front Cleaning Pad sprayed with cleaning solution moistens, loosens and absorbs dirt; second, a squeegee removes debris; third, another squeegee draws the remaining waterborne dirt from the glass; fourth, the rear Cleaning Pad wipes the window to a dry, spotless shine.

Serious About Safety

• Every WINBOT features redundant levels of safety protection. The WINBOT cupule has dual suction rings that form a double vacuum barrier that keeps the WINBOT on the window if one were to fail the other would keep the robot on the glass until manually removed. A powerful onboard motor maintains a firm vacuum suction to the glass while still allowing the robot to move about and clean. An onboard back-up battery continues to power the motor in the event of AC power failure from the wall outlet. Every WINBOT comes with a safety pod & tether that can be attached to the window and WINBOT.

Product Dimensions (Inches): 12 x 12 x 5

Product Weight: 5 LBS

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Robot Window Cleaners - Ecovacs WINBOT W930 Robot Window Cleaner

Ecovacs WINBOT W930 Robot Window Cleaner

Save $100.00 (20%) $399.99

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Will the machine fall from the window if the electricity is off?

    WINBOT 850 has an integrated backup power system that allows it to stay attached for at least 15 minutes after a power outage. So it will not do any harm to your windows. 

  • I'm wondering when in mop mode, if it will waste water drop from the machine or not?

    This machine has an automated 4-stage cleaning system, meaning that the waste water and dirt can be easily and efficiently mopped and retained by the machine.

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