Grillbot Robot Grill Cleaner

Grillbot Robot Grill Cleaner

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Product Overview

• Grillbot robot grill cleaner is hands free automatic grill cleaning. 
• Easy removable brushes and dishwasher safe for top shelf.
• 3 Cleaning cycles of 10 min, 20 min and 30 min.
• Cleans perfectly for all grill types.

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Product Details

Enjoy grilling without worrying about the hassle of scrubbing to clean it up afterward with the GrillBot Robot Grill Cleaner. Made with a metal housing and steel brushes, this grill cleaning robot has three replacement brushes.

The push button operation of the GrillBot makes it easy to use. Simply set it for the desired amount of time, close the grill lid, and come back to a clean grill.

The three powerful electric motors scrub even the toughest spots on the grill, while the smart computer "brain" regulates the speed and direction of the GrillBot so that it wont miss a spot. The built in LCD alarm and timer are easy to read while the automatic shutoff feature prevents the GrillBot from overheating. 


• Black metal housing with steel brushes

• Push button operation

• 3 powerful electric motors

• Equipped with an alarm and automatic shutoff if grill is too hot

• Smart computer "brain" regulates speed and direction

• Includes a battery pack and charger

• 6 month manufacturer's warranty

• Built-in LCD alarm and timer allow you to decide on light clean or deep clean, and signals when cleaning is complete

• Lithium rechargeable battery charges in 4 hours.

• Includes Grillbot, 3 brass brushes, rechargeable battery pack, and charger (110-220V) 

Product Dimensions (Inches): 3 1/2" Tall x 8" Diameter

Product Weight: 3.3 LBS

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Robot Grill Cleaner - Grillbot Robot Grill Cleaner

Grillbot Robot Grill Cleaner -

Save $41.00 (31%) $88.00

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • When it cleans, should the grill lid be closed so it doesn't fall off?

    Grillbots are designed to work with the lid closed. This is the only way to prevent it from falling off the grill. Yes, Grillbot will touch the sides of the grill to ensure that the whole surface including the corners are cleaned. With the lid closed, the noise level is minor. Thank you!

  • Can it be used to clean when the grill is still hot?

    Let the grill cool down for about 15 or 20 min and then use the Grillbot. If it's still hot, it could melt the cleaning brushes on the Grillbot. Thanks.

  • Is the Grillbot battery operated? Do you put a cleaning fluid on the grates?

    No cleaning fluid on the grill, the brushes do all the work. It is battery operated.

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