Hayward Aquavac RC9740 SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner

Hayward Aquavac RC9740 SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner

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Product Overview

• Hayward RC9740 SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner for In Ground Pools.
• Works with vinyl, granite, and fiberglass surfaces.
• Scrubs and vacuums floors, steps, walls, and waterline.
• Sensor protects motor by not running while out of the water.
• Runs separately from the pool's pump and filter system.

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Product Details

The Hayward SharkVac RC9740 robot pool cleaner cleans the pool floor and wall of any in-ground pool up to 20' x 40'. It features a low-profile design and easy top-access which allows fast removal of any debris caught.

This robot uses 94% less energy than most traditional pool cleaners and can be compared to the energy used by a standard light bulb. This pool cleaner cleans all residential surfaces within its three hour cleaning cycle and runs separately from your existing filtration system.

The SharkVac works by calculating the size of the pool and programs itself to use the most timely and energy-efficient route. And it uses an out-of-water sensor that protects the motor by not allowing it to run when it's removed from the pool. It also uses a beach entry sensor that detects when its climbing out of the water so that it has time to turn around and continue its cleaning cycle.  

Cleans in ground pool sizes of up to 20' X 40'.

Comes with 1 year warranty.


• Saves up to 94-percent on energy costs and uses less energy vs most pressure cleaners.

• Incorporates two fine porosity filtration elements in a sleek floor-specific design.

• Saves you money by running separately from the pool's pump and filter system.

• Easy top access to filter cartridge, which means no more bags, just remove and wash down with a garden hose.

• Comes with a 50' floating power chord.

• Out-of-water sensor protects motor by not allowing it to run while out of the water

Product Dimensions (Inches): 30 x 24 x 18

Product Weight: 42 LBS

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Robot Pool Cleaners - Hayward Aquavac RC9740 SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner

Hayward Aquavac RC9740 SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner

Save $150.00 (18%) $649.00

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Will this work on a vinyl pool?

    Yes, it will clean vinyl pools without issue.

  • One site says that this model only cleans the bottom and you say it will climb walls and clean waterline, how do I know what to believe?

    This will climb up the walls. When it is first learning the geography of your pool, it does not do this much, but after a while it will climb the walls without any problems.

  • Can it be plug into a commercial extension cord

    Yes, the plug for power that goes into a protected 110-120 volt AC outlet, can be extended into a three prong extension cord and then into the outlet.

  • Can you put a timer on this device and leave in the water or do you have to manually run it daily? Doesn't sound very convenient if I have to start it

    I believe that the company warranty requires you remove it. I have had to replace my unit due to failure that possibly was related to leaving it in the pool to long.

  • How long is the chord and does it have a warranty? Thanks.

    The SharVac robot pool cleaner's cord is about 50ft and yes, it comes with a one year warranty.

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