ILIFE V7s Mop and Dry Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Rose

From ILIFE SKU: 2067375-ilife-v7s-us

ILIFE V7s Mop and Dry Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Rose

From ILIFE SKU: 2067375-ilife-v7s-us
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Product Overview

• ILIFE V7s Robot Vacuum Sweeps, Vacuums, Scraper Brushes & Wet Mops.
• Large water tank and dust box provides longer uninterrupted cleanings.
• Can cross floor barriers up to an industry best 1/2 inch.
• Cleans up to 1600 sqr ft and 2 hrs without recharging.
• Comes with remote control, phone app and can schedule cleanings.

30 Day no Risk Guarantee
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Product Details

The ILIFE V7s robotic vacuum cleaner has all the great features of the best robot vacuums along with some extras at a better price point including a HEPA filter. And it's one of the few vacuums that actually mops your floor with efficiency and power with its extra large water tank and mop cloth. And it's only 3 inches in height so it can cleaner anywhere, anytime. It's also very quiet like it's not even there.

*Please note, this product ships from China and takes about 15 days for delivery.

*Also available for purchase in Canada and Australia. 


Cleaning Power and Filter

• With its double V brush it quickly gathers dust and its soft rubber scraper digs out tough stains. And its 15 mm brush hairs get close to the floor to clean up dust, pet hair and allergens. Moreover, the roller can be easily removed to be cleaned from tangled hair. It comes with 2 different filters, one located on the dirt bin, and one HEPA filter located just before the output of the airflow.

4 Cleaning Modes

• Set it for Auto Clean, Spot Clean, Edge Clean and Daily Schedule. Auto Clean cleans in a zig zag pattern with its Smart Route technology. Spot Clean for specific areas and Edge for only baseboards. Daily Schedule combines scheduled and automatic cleanings.

Battery Life

• With its powerful lithium battery, expect cleaning times without recharging of up to 2 hrs. When it does run low, it will auto charge on its own at the charging station. And its powerful motor allows it to clean spaces of up 1600 sqr ft, perfect for larger homes and offices.

Large Water and Dust Tanks

• The extra large tanks allows longer uninterrupted cleaning times. Swap out one for the other for mopping or vacuuming and it will auto sense which cleaning mode to enable. And with its extra large microfiber mop cloth, its one of the few robot vacuums that provides efficient powerful mopping performance. The mop cloth is washable.

Cleaning Convenience

• Schedule weekly or daily cleans. And no need to be home as it has multiple sensors to avoid collisions with objects and stairs and edges. And its powerful barrier crossing ability of up to 1/2 in thickness means it won't get stuck on rugs or barriers, but climb over them and clean all your rooms.

Smart Tech Convenience

• Control the ILIFE V7s from its remote control or phone app. Schedule cleanings and auto recharge. Auto shift for dry and wet cleanings based on the tank in use. 

Warranty 1 Year

Product Weight 7 lbs

Product Dimensions (inches) 13 X 13 X 3 height


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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • If I set this to mop my kitchen will it stay in the kitchen? I don\'t have doors to close off.

    You would have to put something to block off the other rooms, or it will travel the entire floor of the house. It's not a problem to just put a heavy boot, or some other item in the doorway when you leave the house to keep it in one room. 

  • Does it come with a power induction charging station?

    2 Charging Modes: Auto Charge, Manual Charge, so it will return to the charge dock automatically when lack of power. 

  • Does the ILife vacuum handle large homes with multiple rooms well? Does it auto cross rooms and clean each one?

    If the door is open, the V7s will go through all the space up to walls or obstacles on any floor type.

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