McCulloch ROB 1000 Robot Lawn Mower

McCulloch ROB 1000 Robot Lawn Mower

From McCulloch
  • $1,299.95

Product Overview

• Robot lawn mower mows up to 1/4 acre lawn sizes.
• Can mow slopes of up to 25%.
• Can schedule mowings daily or weekly at any hour.
• Quiet motors allow for night mowing. Won't disturb the neighbors.
• Safety sensors and inward pivot blades avoid objects and damage.
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Product Details

McCulloch is one of Europe’s leading outdoor power equipment brands and the ROB 1000 is their robotic lawn mower. It's fully programmable and mows day or night, rain or shine. The McCulloch ROB runs automatically, based on your desired settings.

By cutting the grass continuously, grass clippings are very small - so fine that they immediately disappear and quickly break down adding nutrients back into the soil, helping create a thicker, healthier, greener lawn. That means you can spend your time enjoying your lawn, not cutting it.

Easy To Install

Simply lay a boundary wire around the edges of your lawn, and around any large objects and that will define the area where ROB needs to mow. The boundary wire can be pegged on top of the lawn, or below the surface to suite your personal preference.

ROB is Programmable

Tell him when to mow your lawn, day or night, rain or shine, at a time convenient for you. Go ahead and tell him to cut the lawn during the week when you are at work, or during the evening when you are watching TV. He never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home to recharge.

Can Mow Sloped Lawns

The ROB robotic lawn mower can cut the grass, even if your lawn has slopes. It's high performance wheels and motor enable ROB to cut even on slopes with inclines up to 25%

Loud Audible Alarm & Security PIN Code

When lifted, a loud audible alarm is sounded, deterring theft. PIN code protected, the only way to turn off the alarm, or to change the robotic lawnmower's setting is by entering the correct PIN code. Without this, the McCulloch ROB lawnmower will not work.

Good for the Lawn

ROB doesn’t collect grass, he simply trims the very tips of the blades of grass to create micro clippings that turn to mulch and feed the lawn. This makes the lawn not only greener, but thicker too. Best of all, because he cuts the grass so frequently you won’t ever see the grass clippings.


Do you have pets or small children who love to play in the yard? Even the most mischievous little ones are protected by ROB’s safety features. The rotating cutting blades stop immediately if the McCulloch robotic lawn mower is tilted or flipped over. And unlike other robotic mowers with fixed cutting blades, the pivoting design allows the blade to rotate inward if it encounters a hard object.

Inside the Box

  • 1x robotic lawnmower
  • 1x charging station
  • 3x metal replacement cutting blades
  • 400x pegs
  • 656 ft. boundary wire

Product Size: 23.2 x 17.3 x 10.2 inches

Product Weight: 15 lbs

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