Robomow Wire Break Detector

From Robomow SKU: MRK9999B
Robot Cleaning Accessories - Robomow Wire Break Detector

Robomow Wire Break Detector

From Robomow SKU: MRK9999B
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Product Overview

• Wire break detector quickly locates breaks in perimeter wire.
• Eliminates time-consuming manual search for wire break.
• Works with all models of Robomow lawn mowers.

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Product Details

How To Use It

  • Unscrew one of the green perimeter wires going into the base station from the green connector plug.
  • The transmitter in this kit has a red and a black wire. Attach the red wire to the green wire you just unscrewed from the connector plug, ground the black wire by sticking a screwdriver in the ground and attach it to the black wire.
  • Turn on the transmitter. Now a signal is being sent out into the perimeter wire. Turn on the receiver and hold it to the ground very close to where the wire is and you will hear the signal.
  • Follow the wire around the yard and the signal will stop once you get to the break.

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