Solar Breeze NX Intelligent Solar Robot Pool Cleaner

From Solar Breeze SKU: solar-breeze-nx

Solar Breeze NX Intelligent Solar Robot Pool Cleaner

From Solar Breeze SKU: solar-breeze-nx
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Product Overview

• Solar Breeze NX robot pool skimmer removes 90-95% of all pool debris.
• Operates on solar power energy without hoses, cables or cords.
• Cleans for several hours using sunlight charged Lithium Ion battery.
• Less pool pump use saves on energy costs and reduces carbon footprint.
• Revolutionizes pool cleaning in a smart, simple and sustainable way.

30 Day no Risk Guarantee
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Product Details

The Solar-Breeze NX automatic pool skimmer is a smart robot, powered by the sun. Without you lifting a finger, this pool skimmer removes 90-95% of all debris, including leaves, pollen, dust and even suntan oils from the surface of your pool before it sinks to the bottom.

Most pool cleaning systems are designed to clean the pool from the bottom after debris and dust have become water logged and sink.

If this debris was removed from the surface, less material would collect on the bottom of the pool and bottom cleaning systems would not have to run as often. In addition, less bacteria would grow and accumulate in the pool since the organic material is being removed before it has a chance to decay in the sunlight.

The Solar-Breeze NX can also distribute sanitizer from its built-in dispenser while it cleans the surface of your pool, helping to keep your pool hygienic & swim ready.

How It Works

  • There are no cords, hoses or attachments required. Simply place the Solar-Breeze in your pool, and turn the switch to the “ON” position. It operates automatically all day long when most pool filtration systems are idle, keeping your pool surface sparkling clean.

 Battery Life

  • It uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that is charged in the sunlight during the daytime. As a result, the unit will operate for several hours after sundown using the power it has stored in the battery during the day.

Energy Consumption Benefits

  • Less material needs to be cleaned from the bottom of your pool and less bacteria grows in your pool during the day when most people have their filtration system turned off. Therefore, Solar-Breeze owners are able to reduce their pool pump run time by as much as 1/2 to 2/3. This results in a substantial monthly savings on their energy bill.

    Pool pumps are often the second largest consumer of electricity in a home, after the AC and heating system, especially in sunbelt regions. Since Solar-Breeze allows pool owners to reduce the pool pump usage, it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with running your pool filtration system.

Power Source: Two (2) 6-Watt (combined 12W) photovoltaic solar panels

Power Storage: One (1) water-proofed 5300 mAh Lithium Ion battery

Product Dimensions (Inches): 22 x 10 x 14

Weight: 13.4 LBS

Warranty: 1 Year Limited 

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