Robot Pool Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Work?

Unlike a conventional pool cleaner, robot pool cleaners are smart and autonomous. A robotic pool cleaner performs two essential functions - navigation and cleaning. Navigation of the robotic pool cleaner is controlled by the robot’s motherboard also known as the brain and various sensors.This programming ensures minimum human input in executing robotic pool cleaning operations.

A robot pool cleaner will clean and filter your pool surfaces and retain the picked-up dirt in a dirt bag that can easily be emptied out.

When your robotic pool cleaner is finished you can remove it from the pool or leave it in to act as water filtration system.


Most Popular Robot Pool Cleaners

Why Choose a Robot Pool Cleaner?

A robot pool cleaner can help you prolong the life of your pool and save you the work and time of cleaning it yourself. Below, we've listed all the benefits of having a robot pool cleaner.

  • Efficiency

Automatic pool cleaners are proven as effective as any manual conventional pool cleaner, leaving filtered and clean, which prolongs its life. Its main features are similar to a regular pool cleaner, only better because you don’t have to spend hours doing it or pay someone to do it for you. They can finish cleaning an average in ground pool in just a few hours.

  • Benefits of a Cleaner Pool 

By cleaning your pool regularly with a robot cleaner, your pool will remain cleaner and the water visible at all times. This results in less maintenance and cleaning on your part regarding algae build up and less work for your pool's filtration system, extending the life of it and saving on energy costs.

  • Ease of Use

Robot pool cleaners are automatic and will work unattended. All models can be started manually at the touch of a button and will start cleaning without supervision. Most robot pool cleaners can be scheduled to clean at any time. It will usually map the pool and discover the most efficient cleaning path possible in the shortest amount of time. Newer models now come with a remote control so specific areas can be cleaned as well.

  • Time Saving

Since robot pool cleaners are autonomous and can be programmed they will save you valuable time and energy. Whether you are at work or enjoying time with your family and friends, you can come home to a clean pool every day without doing the work yourself or paying for it.

  • Compact Design

Robot pool cleaners are very compact and will not take much space outside or in your pool. They can all go around almost all pool shapes and reach hard to reach places that even some that conventional cleaners can’t. They are shaped so they can go around pool edges and climb walls and maneuver easily.

  • Energy Efficient

Robot pool cleaners don't use batteries, but get power from a power chord connected to it, usually about 40ft in length. Some pool cleaners don't have chords, but use jet propulsion. Both methods allow it to save energy at very low voltages while reducing the strain on your pool's filter. Overall, it's an excellent way to save on energy costs while reducing the wear and tear on your pool.

What Do Robot Pool Cleaners Look Like?

Most robot pool cleaners are round or square shaped and stand at about 12 in high and roughly 35 in diameter. Most robotic pool cleaners are equipped with tracks and wheels to help propel them with heavy duty brushes attached to the front.

All robotic pool cleaners are built with inbuilt bags to hold debris and rubbish that is collected and also feature internal filters to help filter and clean the water inside your pool.

Your robotic pool cleaner removes everything from large leaves to algae as small as 2 microns with its easy to clean, reusable state-of-the-art filter bag.

How do Robot Pool Cleaners Travel and Technology Used?

Most robot pool cleaners navigate using an integrated technology providing them with 4 to 5 cleaning modes. Without being random, they perform criss cross patterns, spirals and follow walls in order to clean pools fully. With their integrated touch and distance sensors, they are able to navigate around walls and obstacles. They are intelligent in their own way by cleaning most areas two or three times. Since robot pool cleaners are suggested to be used every other day, this method is suitable for most robot pool cleaners.

What Are the Benefits?

Here are features that are common to mostly all robot pool cleaners.

  • Saves you time and energy from cleaning the pool yourself.
  • Prolongs the life of your pool by keeping the water consistently clean and reducing algae build up.
  • Removes everything from large leaves to algae as small as 2 microns with the easy-to-clean reusable micro filter bags.
  • Easy to use and maintain with minimal replacement parts.
  • Can can clean on pool surfaces and sizes within 3 hours.
  • Saves on energy costs and cleaning costs when using a pool cleaning service.

What Does It Come With? Any Accessories?

All robotic pool cleaners come standard with bags and filters installed.

Is There Maintenance?

Maintenance is an important step for keeping your robot pool cleaner cleaning at peak performance. .

Firstly, robotic pool cleaners feature a bag that can be emptied and cleaned very easily.

The main brushes found under the robot and the side brush should be cleaned regularly with a cleaning tool supplied with the robot pool cleaner. This prevents debris from accumulating and causing a malfunction of the robot.

All manufacturer brands with Robot Cleaner Store provide extensive support and replacement parts as needed.



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