Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot lawn mowers are the modern replacements for manual mowers and operate quietly and autonomously while saving you time, money and labor. 

Please note, robot lawn mowers aren't designed to mow your lawn once every few weeks like a regular mower. They continuously mow throughout the week at scheduled intervals for a constantly trimmed lawn appearance. Thus, your lawn always looks great and the small clippings won't collect on your lawn.

The biggest difference between our robot mowers is how much area they can cut with the maximum size being 3/4 of an acre. 

Please note, Robomow robot lawn mowers do not qualify for Free Shipping. And any robot lawn mower that is not defective or damaged, we will not accept a return. The costs for us as a business are too steep to accept returns, restock used parts (pegs, wiring, etc) and pay for shipping for an item that is not damaged or has no defects. 

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