Robot Window Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions

Why Purchase a Robot Window Cleaner?

Robot window cleaners perform the task that is often too tedious or too hazardous for us to complete ourselves. If you have a lot of glass windows in your home or office, then you already know just how much hard work it takes to keep them clean. 

  • Efficiency

Robot window cleaners have proven just how effective they are at cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your windows. Most models suction onto your glass and then clean edge to edge, automatically or via a remote control.

  • Ease of Use

Just place them on the window you want to be cleaned, switch them on and they will clean the entire window and beep or flash when finished. Some models of robot window cleaners function via a remote control, allowing you to control the motion of your robot window cleaner.

  • Safety

Robot window cleaners allow you to complete other tasks while your robot window cleaner takes care of the tedious and often dangerous task of cleaning all of your windows. No more balancing on ladders or cleaning windows in hard to reach dangerous places.

  • Intelligent Technology

The robotic window cleaner will immediately stick to the glass surface which you place it on, and then start cleaning with the push of a button. It uses a 3-phase cleaning process with cleaning pads and then cleaning fluids to wipe off the dirt and dust, then a squeegee to dry the surface to prevent any streaks or marks and then wipe the surface down with a clean pad.

The three-part cleaning process copies the cleaning process which most human cleaners would use. However, it may leave streaks if the cleaning pads are dirty. It is essential that you regularly maintain and replace any damaged or dirty cleaning pads. Robot window cleaners use intelligent programming and various sensors in order to make sure windows are cleaned entirely and efficiently.

What Do Robot Window Cleaners Look Like?

Most robot window cleaners are approximately 30cm by 30cm and have either square edges or slightly rounded edges. This allows them to clean all the way to the edge of any windows. On the top part of the robot window cleaner, you will usually find control panel or display and antennae depending on the model.

How Do Robot Window Cleaners Work?

The robot window cleaner works by suction which is powered by a motor inside the robot window cleaner. This allows it to stick to any glass surface, no matter how thick the glass is. You can use your robot window cleaner on large glass windows, sliding glass doors or even mirrors. The robot window cleaner doesn’t work well on any uneven glass surfaces such as concave or beveled glass as the suction won’t form a secure seal.

How do Robot Window Cleaners Travel and What Technology Is Used?

Robot window cleaners utilize suction power to move around and clean your windows or any glass surfaces such as sliding doors or mirrors. They can either clean a window using their inbuilt sensors automatically which allows them to work without any controls or input or they can be operated via a remote control.



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