Robomow RX20 Robot Lawn Mower

Robomow RX20 Robot Lawn Mower

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Product Overview

• Robomow RX20 Robot Lawn Mower made for smaller lawns, up to 2000 sqr ft.
• Mowing time 90-120 min and max slope is 15% or 8.5 degrees.
• Mow lawns with several or single zones based on lawn needs.
• Operate manually or with your smart phone, web app, or Amazon Alexa.
• Cutting height of 0.5 - 1.7" with a 7" stainless steel cutting blade.
• Automatic mower cannot mow on St Augustine grass.
• Now available for sale in California.

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Product Details

The Robomow RX20 automatic lawn mower is our smallest model yet! Sleek, streamlined and with a Base Station that can be hidden from sight for a more aesthetic look and feel, the Robomow RX20 self propelled lawn mower is discreet, compact and extraordinarily precise.

The Robomow RX20 robot lawn mower comes with everything you need to install on your yard without having to buy additional accessories. It comes with 600 feet of perimeter wire and 250 pegs, more than enough to cover a 2000 sqr ft yard. It also ships with water-tight wire connectors for splicing, base station for automatic charging, Roboruler for wire placement, and a DVD installation video.


Unique Edge Mode

• Robomow is the only robotic mower with blades that reach to the very borders of its base. It is also the only one that has a special Edge Mode, in which it follows the perimeter wire for complete coverage of the lawn edges.


• Robomow robot lawn mowers can mow areas inside the working area with slopes of up to 15% or 8.5 degrees.

Multiple Zones

• Robomow can handle gardens with several zones and mow each one individually

Child Lock

• This is a safety feature to help prevent children or others not familiar with the safe operation of Robomow from operating it freely.

Height Adjustment

• Robomow's cutting height can be adjusted to your lawn's needs.

Modular Design

• Robomow automatic lawn mower is built in a way that allows you easy servicing and part replacement without professional help.

One Time Setup

• Robomow guides you through easy setup steps until it is ready to operate. Simply follow the instructions on the LCD.

Heavy Duty Blades and Floating Deck

• Strong 7'' stainless steel cutting blade is attached to the motor and gives you that smooth cut by following the lawn's contour.

Safety & Security Features

• The blade stops rotating immediately if the mower is lifted from the ground or tiled to a vertical position.
• Child lock safety feature helps protect children or others who are not familiar with Robomow.
• Mow lawns with several or single zones based on lawn needs.

Quiet Lawn Mower

• Uses quiet motors and a robust, quiet drive system.

Sealed Batteries

• The batteries that operate the Robomow are completely sealed and will not leak any type of fluids, regardless of position.

Base Station / Perimeter Switch and Perimeter Wire

• The Robomow cannot operate without a Perimeter Wire installed and activated through the Base Station / Perimeter Switch. In the event the Perimeter Switch is turned off or otherwise fails to function, the Robomow will stop operating.

What's Included

  • Base station and stakes
  • 50 ft extension cable
  • Power box with mounting kit
  • 600 ft of perimeter wire
  • 250 pegs
  • 2 wire connectors
  • Plot connector
  • Set up and operation DVD
  • User manual
  • Robo ruler

Average Work Time: 180 Minutes

Product Dimensions (Inches): 20 x 16.5 x 10

Product Weight: 16 LBS

Warranty: 1 Year

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