How Long Should You Run a Pool Pump? — Save Time and Costs on Electricity (2021)

You're going to run your pool pump, but you're feeling worried. If I run my pool pump, is it worth the energy bill? We understand, and that's why we're here to help you out! Spoiler: there's going to be math! However, it's going to keep your pool pump running, so you might want to keep reading. How Long Should You Run a Pool Pump? Purpose of a Pool Pump How long should I run the filter pump, you ask? Before we start, you must understand why you have to run your pump in the first place. You can't and won't want...

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How to Lower pH Level in a Pool? — Ensure a Safe and Fun Swimming Area (2021)

The pH level of your swimming pool can go up and down. Getting it back to a balanced state may be challenging but doable. Today, we'll teach you the easy ways on how to lower pH in pool by yourself. How to Lower pH Level in a Pool? Lowering the pH doesn't take rocket science, and you'll only need the right chemicals to get you started. Ways to Lower pH Level in a Pool Two of the commonly used chemicals for above ground pools, inground pools, among others, with high pH value, are Sodium Bisulfate (dry acid) and Muriatic Acid...

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How to Lower Alkalinity in Pool? — Proven and Guaranteed Methods for Clean and Safe Swimming

Lowering the total alkalinity of your swimming pool is very easy. You can do it yourself! Today, we’ll teach you how to lower total alkalinity in pools without spending so much time and fortune! With the quick and easy steps we have in store for you, you’ll see results in time. How to Lower Alkalinity in Pool? Identifying Alkalinity of Your Pool Water Before treating the Total Alkalinity (TA) of your swimming pool, ask yourself "Do you need to treat it in the first place?" With the help of a pool water test kit or alkalinity test strips, you'll be...

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How to Raise pH Level in Pool? — Ensure Safe and Balanced Pool pH Levels (2021)

Once the pH of your pool drops to the normal range, there are several problems you might experience. But with the right products and chemicals to use, you've got nothing to worry about. Luckily, you can avoid that by restoring the pH yourself with a quick and easy solution we'll give you in this how to raise pH in pool article! How to Raise pH Level in Pool When the discussion starts to shift on "How to raise pH in pool," we're sure a lot of pool owners tend to shy away from it. What is Pool pH level? pH...

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Ecovacs Deebot M88 Product Review

The Ecovacs Deebot M88 robot vacuum is one of our most popular robot vacuums.  Ecovacs is an excellent brand with an excellent reputation.  Here's a Pros and Cons breakdown of the M88 as well as a couple of guidelines for maintaining your Deebot to keep getting the best clean every day with the least amount of work on your part.

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