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Aquabot Breeze 4WD Review — Keep Your In-Ground Pool in Tiptop Shape (2021)

The Aquabot Breeze is a revolutionary pool cleaner, but is it right for you? When you buy the wrong pool cleaner, you risk losing your money, time, and the pleasure of a clean pool. Our experts conducted a detailed Aquabot Breeze 4WD review to learn if it’s worth your money. Here’s what they found.


  • Cleans floors and walls automatically
  • Can pick up large and small debris with ease
  • Powerful suction vacuum
  • Long 60’ cable
  • Easy to use
  • Top access basket for cleaned debris


  • Small suction area
  • Short run cycle of only two hours

Impressed with the Breeze 4WD? Here's another great-performing robot pool cleaner from the brand, the Aquabot Breeze SE:

Aquabot Breeze 4WD Design

The unit is designed like a small but efficient all-terrain vehicle. Its wheels are large, sticky, and can drive the robot across your pool without problems. All of this means that the robotic pool cleaner can clean your pool and climb walls, drive over drains, all without getting stuck.

Breeze 4WD side view

Other design features include the filter baskets, rotating brush, and the long power cable. Aquabot outdid themselves with this product because our team found unique but critical functions for each of these features. 

The filter baskets hold all the dirt that the automatic cleaner picks off your pool floor. The brush acts on a swivel and loosens sticky debris. The power cable is also long enough to reach the floor of most medium to large-sized pools.

Overall, we were quite impressed with the design. The Aquabot abreez4wd is light enough to carry, easy to clean, and will cover most ground pools in no time at all.

Features of the Aquabot Breeze 4WD


As far as performance goes, this pool robot is a champion. It costs less than the Aquabot Swim Drone but still handles cleaning well. It is ideal even in cleaning a green pool properly. Its 4WD enables it to drive over any pool filters or drains that may stand in its way.

The abreeze4wd can work through 3699 gallons of water per hour. Since its operating time caps out at two hours, this robotic pool cleaner can handle most in ground pools. Our team of experts was uniquely impressed with the abreez4wd wheel’s traction. It climbs up and down the pool walls with ease as it cleans.

Cable of Aquabot Breeze 4WD

The Aquabot abreez4wd features a tangle-proof power supply cable. At 60’, it’s long enough to reach most pool centers from any edge. Unfortunately, owners of huge pools may have to move the power station.

We also found that the power cable was firm enough to pull the abreez4wd out of the pool surface without dropping. When submerged, the cable is the only way to retrieve the robotic pool cleaner, and it didn’t disappoint. 

Finally, our team tested the cable’s integrity and found that the Aquabot abreez4wd cable was tamper-proof. You can use it freely without worrying about exposed wires or risks of shock. This is one thing we wished more robotic pool cleaners would incorporate.


This is one of the best robotic pool cleaner that features two large debris baskets with a fine filter and superb cleaning ability. The baskets are spacious enough to contain all the dirt and debris your pool can generate. Cleaning the baskets was also a real breeze because all we had to do was remove them using the top handles, and hose out the content.

woman using Breeze 4WD in a pool

Another reason this pool cleaner stood out from other robotic pool cleaners is its fine filter. We found dirt as small as 2 microns [1] in the baskets, just as the manufacturer promised. Large debris also wasn't safe from this cleaning robot because it picked up sizable pebbles as well.

Aquabot Breeze 4WD Ease of Use

During our Aquabot Breeze 4WD Review, we wanted to see how convenient it was to use compared to other products. The abreez4wd surpassed our expectations because it can be used at home by almost anybody. We didn’t even need the manual to learn how it works.

Turning it on is as simple as plugging in the Aqua control and dropping the Aquabot abreez4wd to the water. Thanks to the four-wheel drive, we didn't have to worry about the unit getting stuck in the pool. It's powerful enough to navigate any obstacle during pool cleaning. 


Aquabot Breeze 4WD reviews won’t be complete without discussing the efficient brushes. They are positioned under the unit, not the back. Additionally, because the brushes are on a swivel, they sweep up stubborn dirt right into the basket filters. 

Aquabot Breeze 4WD filter

The abreez4wd also has a unique system of covering the entire pool’s ground. While cleaning, it maps the pool so it knows where’s been covered and which parts of the floor need attention. 


Our experts found that the Aquabot abreez4wd needs little to no control. It’s an automatic robotic pool cleaner and you only need to make sure it’s on. One control feature we loved was the button and LED indicator on the power station. Once you turn the Breeze 4WD on, a steady blue light is triggered, giving you visual confirmation.

Aquabot Breeze 4WD Maintenance

The Aquabot Breeze 4WD is even easier to maintain than the Dolphin Triton PS Plus. The baskets can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced. We also found that faulty Aquabot parts are easy to swap out. The manufacturer has detailed instructions on the website, and they cover everything from replacing the outlet top to the filter housing. You can carry out any maintenance without help.

Price and Warranty

As far as robotic pool cleaners go, the Aquabot Breeze offers great value for your money. It’s also competitively priced because you can get it for half the other Aquabot products’ price and still enjoy a clean pool. The specific prices you enjoy depends on the vendor; your best bets for a great price are on Amazon or the manufacturer's website.

The product also comes with a 2-year limited warranty. This means you may get some replacement parts when your unit gets damaged due to faulty manufacturing and other related occurrences.

Aquabot Breeze 4WD Review Conclusion

breeze 4wd

We found that the Aquabot Breeze 4WD is an excellent option for owners of medium to large pools. It has an extra long power cable, sticky wheels with a four-wheel drive, large filter baskets, and several other features. And for the price, it’s a bargain.


To ensure your pool is well-maintained, here are the things you need to know about how to properly use a pool vacuum. Read next! 

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