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How to Drain a Pool? — Empty and Clean Your Swimming Area Efficiently (2021)

How to drain a pool is one of the most important things to learn if you have a swimming pool at home!

Given how crucial it is to avoid damage and mineral stains, it's natural for you to need help.

So, shall we get that draining pool project started?

How To Drain a Pool?

When To Drain Your Swimming Pool?

It's time to drain your pool when these come into play:

  • Water has a high total dissolved solids TDS level [1]
  • A typhoon is approaching
  • Need of a repair or resurfacing (done with the help of expert pool cleaners)

These apply to both in-ground and above-ground pools!

Inground Pool

Ground concrete ones are commonly lined with pebble, white marble, or fiberglass.

The thing is, pools like this aren't recommended to be emptied of water in the summer.

It's best to drain water out of these during the autumn or winter.

pool near glass doors

Leave the floors damp. Make sure to be one of the good pool owners, and take care of it!

Above Ground Pool

With this type, the weight of the water on the floor helps protect the liner.

That said, you won't want low water levels during the winter; it could suffer from structural stress.

And well, we don't want damage here.

Reminders Before Draining the Pool

  • Check with your local municipality to ask where, when, and how to drain the pool and refill the pool; check rules against emptying water into the home's sewer and storm drains
  • Check the course of the groundwater levels in your area
  • Remove trippers from your pump before the draining process
  • Check for leaks in the suction line or drain line

How To Drain Your Pool

Cartridge Filter

  • With the pump on, close the skimmer
  • Turn your drain valve so that water passes through the filtration system
  • Keep watch of lowering water level
  • Turn off the pump when pool water is 1 inch below wall jets
  • Put away draining hose
  • Close the plug

Sand Filter

  • Shut the pump off
  • Roll backwash hose out into approved place for pool maintenance
  • Rotate the valve to "waste"
  • Turn the pump back on
  • Turn it off when enough water is out of the way
  • Rotate valve into "filter"
  • Pick up backwash house to help drain water

Electric Pool Pump

  • Drop the intake hose of the pump into the swimming pool water
  • Place outlet hose of the pump somewhere on level ground
  • Turn pool filter on
  • Turn equipment off once remaining water is low


If you don't understand your pool, how to drain the water is quite a challenge. But hopefully, you've learned how to drain a pool and what you need to drain one!

They have so much in store for you, and we wish you the best in using and draining your pool to your heart's content!

Apart from draining your pool, you should also know how to vacuum above ground pool for maintenance and cleaning. Read next!

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