Robomow RS612 29" Green Robotic Lawn Mower for Small Yard

Robomow RS612 29" Green Robotic Lawn Mower for Small Yard

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Product Details

RS612 29" Green Robotic Lawn Mower for Small Yard by Robomow

The Robomow RS robotic lawn mower can easily cut larger lawns up to 3/4 acre with a uniquely powerful cutting system and multi-zone capabilities.

The RS mows automatically and easily managed via the app, returning to charge after each mow. TurboMow feature allows for cutting even high grass with ease, keeping larger lawns manicured without the hassle.


Robotic Lawn Mower Features

  • Unique Edge mode and "cut-beyond-the-wheel" design for an impeccable Robomow finish
  • A noticeably stronger cutting system compared with competing for robotic mowers
  • Gets the job done faster and more efficiently than other robotic mowers
  • First-year warranty provided upon registration within 30 days from first use
  • Promotes a longer mower lifespan and up to 10% faster area coverage!
  • Keeps both your mower and prying little fingers safe and sound
  • Sensational mowing speed thanks to lithium-Ferrum high-performance batteries
  • Robomow returns to Base Station in rainy weather and starts again when conditions improve
  • Drives to different zones in your yard and returns after completing each zone
  • Solid and secure blades, ensuring maximum performance and mowing safety
  • Handles extraordinarily high grass with ease. TurboMow automatically switches off when grass height is reached
  • Blade stops rotating immediately if it is lifted from the ground or tilted to a vertical position
  • Designed for quick and intuitive parts replacement
  • Equipped with a safety feature to help protect children or others not familiar with Robomow
  • Mow areas inside the working perimeter with slopes of up to 20°

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Robomow Specifications

  • Part Number-22BSBDAE737
  • Recommended Lawn Size-1/4 acre
  • Maximum Lawn Size-3/4 acre
  • Robot Dimensions-29 x 26 x 12.2 in
  • Robot Weight-44 lbs
  • Mowing Width-22 in
  • Mowing Height-0.8 - 3.5 in
  • Mowing Motors-DC Brushless
  • Mowing Time-55 - 70 min
  • Area Coverage per Hour-180m2
  • Charging Time-90 - 110 min
  • Battery Type26V Lithium
  • Battery Capacity Spec-4.5 Ah
  • Mowing Power-400 Watts
  • Power Consumption-22 kWh/month
  • Noise Level - ECO Mode-66dB
  • Noise Level - High Load-Measured 72dB
  • Guaranteed 74dB
  • Sub-Zones / Starting Points-4
  • Separated Zones-2
  • Max Perimeter Wire Length Allowed-800m
  • Slope2-0 degrees
  • Anti-Theft-Yes
  • RoboHome-Available
  • Rain Sensor-Yes
  • RoboVision™-No
  • Connectivity-Bluetooth
  • RoboConnect+ Mobile App 2.0-Yes
  • Web App (MyRobomow)-Yes
  • Voice Activation (Alexa)-Yes
  • Find My Mower-Yes
  • Auto-Depart Safety Alert-Yes
  • Warranty-1 Year


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Ask a Question
  • Can the mower handle a separate zone? I have a section that's about 8 ft wide that is completely separated by a concrete sidewalk.

    Yes, Robomow can handle 4 Subzones and 2 separated zones

  • Will I know in advance when this will mow so I can make sure my dogs are locked inside?

    Yes, you can choose what time of the day the robot mower is working with its scheduling feature.

  • Is this Robomow available for sale in California?

    Yes! All Robomow models have been approved for sale in California.

    -Robot Cleaner Store

  • How long is the battery life and what is the cost?

    Battery is maintenance free, but has a limited lifetime of about 2 - 4 years. Battery life is dependent on mowing season length and how many hours of use. Cost depends on the Robomow model, but generally about $300.

  • How much perimeter wire does the Robomow come with?

    The Robomow RS612 comes with 800ft of perimeter wire. Additional wire can be purchased as well.

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